Hello my name is Lewis Clarke, I come from Bristol in the UK. I am hoping to become the youngest ever person to ski the full 702 miles to the South Pole! Crazy? Mabye so but at least I’ve done a bit of adventuring before (even if it was a bit different). I am one of a team of 6 kids (we were all 12 years old) who  hold the World Record for being the youngest ever team to swim in relay across the English Channel.   [In the photo I am the one with the union jack at the back.]Channelswimunionjack2

Skiing or trekking to the South Pole can mean many things to many people.   Some people do the last degree, or the last 100 miles or so, this is known as a partial expedition.  Mine will be the full, mind blowingly freezing, gruelling, 702  miles (1130km)  from the edge of the Antarctic landmass (ie the coast) to the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole.  The current record holder is 18 yrs old (see section called world record).  Keep up to date with my progress by visiting my website regularly.

Gettin’ in the groove: me on ‘Exit Glacier’ in Alaska. July 2011.

Interests: Music, Rugby, Swimming, Gaming, Writing, Films, and Adventuring.

Age: 15 (I turned 16 on November 18th 2013 and started the expedition on December 2nd, 2013)

Date of birth:  November 18th 1997, Bristol, England

School: QEH Bristol, England

School year 11 [take my GCSEs next year, will be taking along some German audio revision but can’t say if I will actually have any energy left to learn it!]

Favourite subjects: Maths and History

Planned A levels:  Maths, Economics, Politics, Drama or History

Semi interesting stuff about me:  Love eating cucumbers (ideally 2 a day!).  Have a rescue cat called Bronte who is lovely but a bit mad.  Once broke my sternum playing rugby.  Have a Blue Peter Gold Badge (for Channel Swim relay).   Love snow, hate hot places and hot weather and wear shorts in the middle of winter and am never cold (umm that may be about to change ….).


  1. well done young fella! how could you go wrong on an expedition with a name like Lewis and Clarke! your parents must be bursting with pride. All the best on your expedition,
    Dr (Chiro) L Remeika-Dugan
    Cool Green Planet Chiropractic Cafe’s Bristol – Patchway

  2. Good luck Lewis we’re all rooting for you. Brilliant photos by the way

  3. Good Luck. I completed the final 112 miles to the South Pole in 2009 When I was 17 Years Old. Good luck with the whole crossing I am really jealous as would of loved to have been able to do that.
    Try to capture everyone little bit in a diary or photos as you will look back at them from many years to come (4 years on and I still read my diary now and again).
    Anyway hope it all goes well, enjoy the experience and I’m sure you will reach your goal!! 🙂

    • Hi Katie, great to hear from you and many thanks for your best wishes and tips. Lewis

  4. Great to see you last night Lewis, you look in top form. Take it easy now, no more training or over eating – remember carry the food in your sledge not your stomach. You are ready tear it up and bring home your 2nd world record. Remember write a journal…..Jon

  5. hi well done u can do this:) go lewis

  6. Saw you on newsround boy! Telling everyone that I know you, so proud. Absolutely class mate
    Stan x

  7. Well done!!! It is an amazing achievement !! Looking forward to speaking to you once you are back home. Katie

  8. Congratulations!! Wondering how you first got into fundraising? And how do you finance this kind of activity?

  9. Epic achievement well done – cant wait for your book about it all get writing !

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