Posted by: ezraezra7 | September 6, 2014

Life after Antarctica (……and GCSEs !)

1408612833035_wps_44_Sam_Cohen_16_Sam_CrutcherWhen Lewis got back from 7 weeks in Antarctica he barely had time to take off his polar boots before he literally went straight into his GCSE mocks and then into the real thing (in August he got his results – 7 A*s and 3 As).  He is most proud of his A in German – a subject he finds difficult.  His mum packed some German revision for when he was in Antarctica, but not surprisingly he said he was  too busy surviving and didn’t have anytime to revise!

Now that his exams are done and dusted though he is busy organising an exciting series of talks with the aim of inspiring other young (and not so young) people.

In the pipeline ….

Brislington Enterprise College – helping year 7s with their Antarctica project including making a polar survival kit

SPLASH! Wiltshire – using adventure and the outdoors to give disadvantaged young people more confidence

Bath 31st Scout troop

Redland High School for Girls

Royal Geographic Society – Scott Polar Research Institute talk about the risks and rewards of young people mounting expeditions

Jaguar-Land Rover – invited to give a motivational talk to the partners of this great British success story

McLaren F1 – Lewis was invited to their cutting edge headquarters to compare notes with one  of their top young drivers

The Prince’s Trust – Lewis aims to find out more about how the money he raised, and will continue to raise, is helping young people in his home town of Bristol.  He’d also like to help out with some of their adventure projects longer term.

Schools in Bristol, London, Cardiff, Clevedon, Berkshire ….

And, not forgetting, Guinness World Records 2015 – the 60th anniversary book launch is on Sept 11th – Lewis’s expedition is featured on the South Pole page and page 11.


PHOTO (Courtesy QEH Bristol, shows Lewis bottom right and his friends celebrating their results)


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