Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 18, 2014

Days forty-seven and forty-eight

SPDistance travelled on Jan 17th: 16 miles

Distance travelled on Jan 18th: 10 miles

Cumulative distance: 702 miles

Distance still to go: 0 miles

Duration of expedition: 49 days

World record achieved: Youngest person to trek to the South Pole from the Antarctic coast (702 miles)

Of note: Lewis and Carl arrived at the South Pole at 18.00 GMT today January 18th, 2014.   Lewis has gone into the history books, becoming the youngest person ever to trek to the South Pole from the coast (see world record page on this blog).

Lewis and Carl were greeted by polar legend, and Lewis’s mentor, Hannah McKeand who just so happened to be manning ANI’s (Adventure Network International’s) polar camp.

After an early start and -50C (inc windchill) it took them a few hours longer than expected to reach their goal.   As Lewis rang to confirm his arrival his dad Steven was live on BBC news 24 via Skype and BBC Points West were also filming as his call came in.  Lewis said he had also been delayed from calling home by 30 mins by eating his first real meal in nearly seven weeks, spaghetti Bolognaise with fresh parmesan.  He is now sitting in a heated tent which he is very excited about.

Lewis will stay overnight at the Pole and then he has been offered a tour of the Amundsen Scott Polar Research base tomorrow.  He will fly back to Union Glacier base camp tomorrow afternoon and will be back in the UK on January 24th.

We and he have so many people to thank, but right now our heartfelt thanks go to Carl Alvey, his polar guide and sole companion for the past seven weeks and ANI, the Antarctic logistics company, who have kept him safe and helped him realise his dream.


  1. YES LEWIS!!! I apologise for how inadequate words are to convey congratulations for such a feat, but INCREDIBLY WELL DONE all the same!!!! Very proud of you mate and hope to see you soon!

  2. What an amazing achievement.well done Lewis. From Tom Carleton and family(qeh class10m)WOW

    • Well done Lewis: very proud! Enjoy that hot food and a decent bed. From all of Y11 (QEH).

  3. Fantastic news Lewis, we’ve been checking the website all afternoon for news. Everyone is so proud of you, you have been absolutely amazing. Looking forward to seeing you, enjoy a fantastic well earned and warm sleep tonight. All the best love The Creeds xx

  4. Impressive Lewis, very impressive. Well done!

  5. Congratulations Lewis, You’re an inspiration

  6. Whoop Whoop!!
    As Sam said, it is hard to find words to express how impressed and proud we are of you Lewis. What you have achieved is just amazing and you really are an inspiration!
    Hope you enjoy a good nights sleep as no doubt your very proud parents will too!
    Look forward to seeing you back at QEH.
    Nicky, Adam & Henry Burns

  7. Amazing – well done this is a true achievement!!! just listening to you on the news!!! Well done aagain – you should be very pleased with your achievements!! Ant Metcalfe

  8. Congratulations on such a remarkable achievement! Just like the Creed family I have been checking every hour to check on your progress… I wonder how it felt when you first set eyes on the target? I can’t wait to hear all about it! So very proud of an amazing young man with ambition, goals, great character and determination. All done Lewis. Mrs Taylor

  9. Followed this from Trinidad in the West Indies…amazing achievement. Congratulations.

  10. Congratulations Lewis! An amazing achievement. What will your next challenge be??!

  11. Wow – such fantastic news! So pleased, thrilled and relieved for you and Lewis. Brilliant achievement Lewis – you are a complete star and an absolute credit to
    yourself and your parents

  12. Well done 🙂 A great accomplishement

  13. Well done Lewis!! We’re running out of adjectives to describe your achievement – amazing, remarkable, impressive and then some. Rest, reflect and enjoy!
    Best wishes.
    Nick, Tim and Donna

  14. An astonishing accomplishment. Many congratulations from everyone at QEH Junior School. We are immensely proud of you. Enjoy the South Pole. Cherish the next 24 hours, and may your journey home be able happy one.

  15. Lewis, have a house point. Mr Hall
    PS Actually, make that two.

    • Mr Hall, how about 48 house points, one for each day of his achievement ? :0)

  16. Can’t find the words really. An amazing achievement. Very very well done…..

  17. You did it Lewis and Carl!!. You must be so proud and relieved to be there. Enjoy the spag bol and the warm bed!
    Many congratulations from Will and his gran Meg

  18. Amazing Lewis!!!!!! Well done, safe home and enjoy – warmest thoughts to all your family and big hugs for you and Carl.

  19. More congratulations from the Pitt family. An amazing achievement. What a feat! What a mindset… Such determination. What brave parents too! Sol you must be so proud of your brother.

  20. I am speechless and stunned by your extraordinary feat of endurance, mental and physical strength. Once in a blue moon a story takes my breath away- this one! Can’t congratulate you enough. Sponsorship on its way- and I hope you raise a shed load of money cos you truly deserve to. Graeme T

  21. Massive congratulations!
    The Wallbridges

  22. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic achievement Lewis! You are brilliant. A HUGE well done from all of us back home at QEH, we’re so proud of you. I heard the news on the radio this evening and was thinking about you not only getting to the pole itself, but to that heated tent you’ve been dreaming of! Great to hear you on Skype at school and looking forward to hearing your amazing stories when you get back. Once again, you are BRILLIANT!
    Miss Morgan

  23. Well done Lewis! Absolutely incredible. Sarah, Steven and Sol you must be so proud and relieved! You have a lot of hugs waiting for you when you get home. Take note people and be inspired. Impossible dreams can become reality. Safe journey home x

  24. Brilliant news. Well done.

  25. Well done Lewis! We knew you’d do it. Such courage and determination! I bet your family can’t wait to give you a big hug. Enjoy the warmth, proper food and rest. Next on the to do never stops..! The Cardens

  26. Massive congratulations Lewis, you’ve had me gripped with this epic journey of endurance, stamina and determination. And as you’ve seen captured the imagination and admiration of friends and strangers alike. Maybe give your mum and dad a break before you plan any more adventuring?!

  27. Wow, congratulations Lewis, what an incredible achievement! Really inspirational. Your Mum, Dad and Sol must also be so proud of you. Just enjoy the moment, and make sure you get home safely!

  28. Hi Lewis it’s drum, very well done for completing such an amazing thing!

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