Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 17, 2014

Day forty-six

as base

This data relates to state of play at end of Thursday January 16th.

Distance travelled: 16 miles

Hours on skis: 8.5hrs

Cumulative distance: 680 miles

Still to go: 25 miles

Of note:  It is as if Antarctica is amusing herself by having one last go at thwarting Lewis and Carl.  Forecast temperatures for tomorrow (Sat Jan 18th) are now -50C inc windchill.  Unbelievably cold – particularly as Lewis said in his phone call yesterday “my body is telling me stop”.

Lewis and Carl will now be longingly  scanning the horizon (if they can bear to look up that is, because the icey wind will be belting in their faces) for the first building they will have seen in nearly 7 weeks – the odd looking Amundsen Scott  Polar Research base which is located at the South Pole.  Normally on an expedition your goal is a remote mountain peak, but in Antarctic expeditions you trek from the remote coast and interior to what passes for civilisation – the bizarre vision of a research station  in the middle of nowhere, like a spaceship plonked on the moon.  Unlike Scott though fortunately they will not have to contemplate turning around and walking back to their ship at the coast, rather, in due course and weather permitting, a Russian cargo plane will fly them back to base camp on the coast 702 miles away.

But they’ve still got to get there first ….. next news is likely to be  either one of the two following scenarios 1] they have made it to the Pole or 2] they are imprisoned by cold and gale force winds in their tent perhaps 10-15 miles away from their goal.  We will know which tomorrow, perhaps lunchtime or afternoon (Sat January 18th).  As soon as we hear anything we’ll blog the news here.


  1. Dig deep for the last few miles Lewis. Stay positive and just think of what you’ve already achieved which is amazing. Stay safe… We’re awaiting all news with excitement and bated breath. Mrs Taylor

  2. Whatever happens now…….Lewis has shown himself to be an exceptional young man who we are privileged to know. He has shown the world that there are many many young people who are full of good character, focussed in life, determined to succeed and not give up without a fight. He is a great role model to all young people and an outstanding example in reaching for your goals. Long may your adventures continue and we wish you all the best now and in the future. Well done! The Elmer family.

  3. Great to hear from you this morning. Best of luck for the final push. All at QEH are really proud of you and looking forward to having you back.
    Mr Holliday

  4. It must be a very strange feeling, with mixed emotions, to be almost at the end of such an incredible journey. Adjusting to being back to school will be interesting!
    My grandson Will and I (from the North of England) are following your progress Lewis and wishing you well. Not far now!

  5. Just heard that you’ve made it! Such fabulous news. So, now you are a holder of two world records. That’s some achievement for a mere 16 years! It really is a privilege to know you, Lewis. I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back, especially all the gory foodie details! Kate

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