Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 16, 2014

Day forty-five

weather pic

Distance travelled: 11 miles

Hours on skis: 6 hrs

Cumulative distance: 664 miles

Still to go: 37 miles

Temp: -25C (windchill -35C)

Of note:  Lewis rang into his school, QEH in Bristol, to talk to school friends and answer their questions today.  The whole thing was filmed by BBC Points West and the National News.  It was quite hard to hear Lewis on his crackly satellite phone but, as discussed in the previous blog, it is now truly mind over matter.  Lewis said “my body has had enough, I am forcing it to go on”.  Their report to basecamp reads simply “Lewis is tired. Very cold.”  Despite this he sounded cheery enough and loved talking to his mates from school. [because of the delay in getting base camp reports, the data above always relates to the previous day, so they did 11 miles yesterday.  We will know what they managed today tomorrow and so on].

Picture shows forecast for Saturday, the day they hope to arrive at the Pole.  You can see that not only does the temperature start to fall on Saturday but the wind also picks up to a strong breeze.  The result is that the southerly most point on earth will greet Lewis and Carl, after nearly seven weeks on the ice, with sunshine, but – it is also forecast to be -46C! at 18.00 on Saturday (that’s -30 plus windchill).  This is alarmingly cold even for Antarctica.  And remember it’s summer down there.  Whether it will delay their arrival will remain to be seen.  Carl will always put his and Lewis’s safety first and if they need to hole up in the tent to prevent frost bite then that is what they will have to do, however close the pole is.

All being well, predicted arrival date remains Saturday. Given this forecast the sooner they can get there the better.  Lewis is exhausted but somehow he needs to push on to avoid this dangerous weather.


  1. I’m sure the parents of Lewis have for the past weeks lived in a bubble of excitement and apprehension whilst he has undertaken this extraordinary challenge. He has pushed his mind and body to its limits and at the end will have achieved what no other has.
    As Carls mum I can relate to all the highs and lows when your son decides to make exploring the most challenging places on earth his lifetime occupation.
    So Lewis “Well Done ” you are a credit to your family and the youth of today,
    And Carl so proud of you and all your achievements. Enjoy your last few days together stay safe Mum x

  2. Lewis, this is amazing news. What an achievement! You have shown unbelievable courage, total commitment, sheer grit and determination. I am immensely proud that you are a ‘Go Faster’ kid. You are a fantastic role model for today’s young people. I look forward to hearing more on your return to Bristol! Kate

  3. I totally agree with Kate – Lewis you are an amazing individual and role model and I’m sure that what you will have gained from this experience will be inspirational to share with many children and young people in the years ahead. Strength and emotional resilience shine through as well as your physical abilities. I’ve been emailing some contacts and am sure that more donations will be coming in to recognise what you are doing. Fantastic!

  4. BRILLIANT Lewis, Watching you on TV this morning made me feel so emotional and as gran to my 10 year old grandson who lives with me I shall be making sure he hears about your efforts too (hoping that some of your determination and bravery will inspire him too) As part of my sincere interest in what you and Carl are achieving I’m sending a donation. What I did wonder is how are you getting back? not walking I hope :0)

  5. Thinking of you Lewis for this last part of your momentous trip to the South Pole. We know you will have to really push yourself and dig deep to counter the fatigue. But we are all thinking of you and willing you on, your incredible courage and tenacity we feel sure will drive you to the finish. GCSE’s, well they will be a ‘walk in the park’ after this!! All the best Lewis. love The Creeds xx

  6. Dig deep, Lewis – you’ve nearly made it.
    So, so proud of you (and your parents for helping your dreams become a reality). You are an absolute inspiration. Can’t wait to hear more.
    Enjoy your last few hours of this adventure.
    Love Drum and all the McMillans

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