Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 14, 2014

Day forty-three

PTproudDistance travelled: 18 miles

Time on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distance: 636 miles

Still to go: 65 miles

Position on map: Click Here

Of note:  Another good day.  The boys are now into the last degree, the 89th, closing in on the Pole.  All being well, estimated arrival in 2-3 days.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported Lewis by donating to the Prince’s Trust, you have been fantastically generous.  What Lewis is doing is tough for sure but he is well aware that there are lots of young people who face much bigger challenges and who need a hand up to get a job or qualification so they can get on.  Lewis hopes to inspire young people through his adventure but he also wants to raise some hard cash.  Lewis’s fundraising target for the Trust is an ambitious £3,000.   You generous people have already donated more than £2,000!, but there is still a £900 hole – can you help?  Please go to Just Giving and type in ‘Lewis Clarke’ (look for the one with South Pole alongside) or ‘The Prince’s Trust’, it’s really easy to donate online.  Thank you so much. You can find out more about the brilliant work of the Prince’s Trust on the Why section of this website.


  1. This is an amazing achievement – well done Lewis and Carl – almost there now (will be sponsoring you soon!) – are you planning any talks on your return?

    • Lewis is all set (all being well) to talk at the Adventure Travel Show on Sat Jan 25th 10.15am Theatre 1, just before Ranulph Fiennes. I am sure he will do further talks and we will put details up here. Thank you for sponsoring him!

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