Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 13, 2014

Day forty-two

inhospbbcDistance travelled: 18 miles

Hours on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distance: 618 miles

Distance still to go: 83 miles

Temp:-28C (-40C with windchill)

Photo shows expeditioner on polar plateau (BBC)

Of note:  Carl and Lewis continue to make great progress.  All being well, they hope to arrive at the South Pole on Jan 16th or 17th after  nearly 7 weeks of constant hauling.

Today one of the Twin Otter aircraft flew over (enroute to South Pole) and did a couple of fly pasts, which the boys really enjoyed – they haven’t seen another human for over 6 weeks.

ALE Expedition Manager Steve Jones kindly passes on Carl and Lewis’s call into base camp to us each day and has shared this interesting insight into polar history:

“In c110 years of South Pole expeditions only two expeditions have failed so close to the Pole: Ernest Shackleton on the Nimrod expedition in 1907 who famously turned back 97 nautical miles from the Pole in order to survive the return journey, and an RAF team in 2006 who we picked up about 100 miles from the South Pole with two of the four man team suffering from frost-bite. (If the RAF team had had a Carl Alvey in it they would probably have made it injury-free). Shackleton’s expedition gave Captain Scott a blueprint for a successful expedition in 1911-12 and it is one of the interesting points of analysis into Scott’s fatal expedition as to why his logistics plan was not more robust given the lessons that were available from Shackleton’s near miss.

Back to the present and we have two young men showing how to do it and I’m thrilled at their progress and that Lewis is all set to achieve something remarkable.”


  1. Keep going Lewis! The tough part is done… Looking forward to seeing you back at School!!

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