Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 12, 2014

Day forty

ATS_logo_MAINDistance travelled: 8 miles

Hours on skis: 4.5 hrs

Cumulative distance: 582 miles

Still to go: 120 miles

Temp: -41.3C (with windchill)

Of note: Report to base camp “Lewis is quite tired today. It’s very very cold and very very windy. -41.3C with windchill”.  It looks as if Carl and Lewis have sensibly taken to their tent to avoid cold injury and give Lewis a brief breather before the final push.  If the weather continues as it is they may well take longer to reach the pole than they had hoped for, but safety is the priority.  They may even need to bunker down in the tent for days because whilst the temperature will not improve much, in time the wind will hopefully drop.  Lewis will be really needing to dig deep right now as the exertions of the previous forty days take their toll, he has only had one day off (Christmas Day) in the past forty.  Somehow he needs to gather himself once again to face the harshest weather yet. There are no easy days in Antarctica, however near you are to your goal.

Whilst Lewis digs deep in Antarctica, back home his achievement is already being recognised – he has already skied five times further on the Antarctic continent than anyone so young has ever managed. If Lewis and Carl do manage to pick up speed, a few days after Lewis gets back to the UK he has been invited to give the opening talk at the Adventure Travel Show at Olympia in London.  All being well, he will be speaking at 10.15-11.00 on Saturday January 25th.   Straight after Lewis, in Theatre 1, Sir Ranulph Fiennes will give the show’s keynote talk.  You could say Lewis is Sir Ranulph’s warm up man!  Other speakers include Benedict Allen and Sam Branson .  The show covers expeditions, gap years, family holidays, travel writing and photography.   You can book on line and if you quote ‘LEWIS’ you’ll receive discounted tickets – but given the current situation in Antarctica I would advise you to watch this blog to see if he is going to make it home in time.


  1. MAATE hope this reaches you, been thinking of you every day- truly incredible what you’re doing! Delay your return so that you wont have to suffer Crutcher’s new haircut!
    Much love
    Sam Cohen

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