Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 12, 2014

Day forty-one

Distance travelled: 19 milesmain

Time on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distance: 600 miles

Distance still to go: 102 miles

Temp: -28C -(39C with windchill)

Wind: Gentle breeze

Of note:  report to base camp “Weather has improved. Happy with progress”.  Thank goodness, the boys are out of their tent and off again, even though it is still -39C with windchill.   All being well today they will have dipped under 100 miles to go …… stay tuned.  Well done you guys are amazing!

A mention here for Lewis’s (and his younger brother Solomon’s)  schools, QEH juniors and QEH seniors, in Bristol.  Headmaster Stephen Holliday and the school as a whole have been extraordinarily supportive of Lewis and his strange icey passions!  There are so many talented boys at the school though and all are encouraged by QEH to pursue and excel at the things they find interesting, every boy they say is good at something and whatever it is they will find it.  It’s a great school and both boys enjoy being a part of it.

The school motto is “Whilst we have time, let us do good” and the  boys have lived up to their motto. Between them, the 2 schools have raised nearly £800 for Lewis.  Juniors raised money for Prince’s Trust at their Christmas concert in December, whilst the seniors dressed as penguins and sold lots of cakes in November.  Headmaster of the Junior School Martin Morris said “It’s amazing how well he is getting on, and the boys are entranced by it all, feeling very proud that he is a fellow pupil at the school! Please pass on the best wishes from all the boys and staff to Lewis when you next make contact. We really are thinking of and praying for him, and following his adventure avidly.”


  1. You are getting close to the comfy chair in front of the fire now Lewis with the enormous jar of Nutella that’s waiting for you at home. You have been absolutely amazing, and incredibly courageous, but now I know it’s all down to the pants!! Had I known you were wearing your Superman pants (see day 39, Jan 11th 2014. yes, your Mum and Dad told us all about them), then I would have understood how it was possible for one so young to achieve so much. I assume you do wear them on the outside of your kit !!
    We are really looking forward to seeing you (although I suspect it will be a week before anyone can drag you out of your comfy bed at home!). All the best for this last 100 miles.
    The Creeds xx

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