Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 9, 2014

Day thirty-eight

Day thirty-eight

Distance travelled: 17 miles
Hours on skis: 9 hrs
Cumulative distance: 559 miles
Still to go: 142 miles
Temp: -28C (feels like -39C)
Wind: Gentle breeze

Of note: report from Lewis and Carl to basecamp “Still uphill and bumpy!”

Photo shows advert placed by Shackleton for men for one of his polar expeditions. On this very day, the 9th of January 1909, Shackleton (Nimrod expedition) reached the furthest point South he would ever get and the furthest South any human had ever been, an agonising 97nm (nautical miles) from the Pole. Lewis and Carl are in a similar position, 128nm away from the Pole. Shackleton was forced to turn back due to the realisation that his team may not survive if he continued, unlike Carl and Lewis he knew he had to walk all the way back to the coast. “We have shot our bolt”, wrote Shackleton, “and the tale is 88° 23′ S”.


  1. Go Lewis! Have watched your progress every day since you started and am in awe of what you’ve done. You said young people are amazing and capable of great things. You’re so right, and I think you will inspire many other young (and older..) people in many ways. gill&laurieholdsworth

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