Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 4, 2014

Day thirty-three

Day thirty-three

Distance travelled: 18.5 miles
Hours on skis: 9
Cumulative distance: 488 miles
Distance still to go: 214 miles
Temp: -20C
Wind: Light breeze
Altitude: Estimated 6-7,000ft

Of note:  Report to base camp was very brief, “Doing well”. Lewis and Carl are gradually climbing up to the Antarctic Plateau, an area of diameter 620 miles which includes the South Pole as well as Dome C, shown in photo. The average height of the plateau is 9,800ft.


  1. Fantastic progress – well done Lewis! Your grit and determination is truly amazing – it’s hard to imagine the challenges you are facing, enduring and overcoming each day. I’m following your progress and wishing you more strength, calm and success

  2. Winning post in sight good luck love dad x Tell Lewis if I get to that Nutella I’ll wrestle him for it lol Sharron

  3. Well done Louis. Keep your focus and just think, school goes back tomorrow. We are all thinking of you and following daily progress. Donna, Nick and Tim Gallagher

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