Posted by: ezraezra7 | January 1, 2014

Day thirty

Distance travelled: 11 miles

Hours on skis: 6 hrs

Cumulative distance: 433 miles

Distance still to go: 269 miles

Terrain: big sastrugi

Weather: whiteout

Of note:  spoke to Lewis last night (New Year’s Eve).  He was not celebrating anything at all but rather flat and emotionally and physically tired out.  The combination of endless sastrugi and whiteout conditions are taking their toll.  Another expeditioner, a kiter, entitled his blog today ‘Mental turmoil’, he says he has never seen so many miles of endless sastrugi in Antarctica so it is not only Lewis and Carl who are struggling.  Lewis is always keen to know about world news so we told him the sad news about Michael Schumacher.


We are not getting any current photos back from Antarctica, but the photo above shows him in Norway on a hard day and I imagine this is how he is feeling right now.  Today was a hard day.  And tomorrow. And the next.

I have found myself hating, deeply hating, sastrugi, every single one of them, their name, their rock hardness, their size, their endlessness and their bloody awkwardness.  I hate sastrugi on Lewis’s behalf, indeed I hate them on behalf of every polar expedition that ever was.


  1. Happy 2014! You are doing incredibly Lewis. Very proud of you and I have been following your progress avidly! Maybe I could train to be the oldest to walk to the South…! KEEP GOING!!!

  2. I hear you! I also hate sastrugi and I have only seen them in pictures.

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