Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 31, 2013

Day twenty-nine

hannah rotateDistance travelled: 16 miles
Hours on skis: 9 hrs
Cumulative distance travelled: 422 miles
Distance still to go: 280 miles

Temp: -26C and cloudy

Wind: Light breeze

Of note: report to base camp reads “Hard day – big sastrugi and poor contrast. Passed some small crevassing near camp last night.”

Photo shows polar legend Hannah McKeand and Lewis during his training in Norway in February. Hannah took Lewis under her wing and she and Carl have taught him all he knows. Hannah is  keen to mentor young expeditioners like Lewis and he has such respect for her. Hannah is an explorer and has also, incredibly,  skied to the South Pole  on her own and guiding others, six times!  At times like this, with huge sastrugi and crevasses, Lewis will be calling on everything Hannah and Carl have taught him.  Carl is a Northern master of understatement, so when he says “Hard day” you can be sure he means it.  We hope to hear how hard from Lewis tomorrow evening.


  1. Happy new year to you both take care love Mum and Allan xx

  2. Happy New Year! We are enjoy following the blog – it’s great to hear about your fantastic progress. Our very best wishes for the rest of the journey. From Hamilton family

  3. Happy New Year Carl and Lewis! Keep going, you’re doing an amazing job!! Love Aunty Alli, Uncle Nick and Bryony!! X

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