Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 29, 2013

Day twenty-seven

Day twenty-seven

Distance travelled: 15.2 miles

Current Position on Google Maps:

Hours on skis: 9 hrs
Cumulative distance travelled: 389 miles
Distance still to go: 312 miles

Of note:  Base camp report “Replacement ski is good.  Tucker (a snowcat) woke them at 05.00 clearing the Thiels skiway!”.

I suppose the noise of the snowcat woke them because all they have heard for 3 weeks is howling wind and one another’s snoring.  The other day I asked Lewis about the scenery and beauty of Antarctica but he said, for now at least, he didn’t really have much time or energy to notice. Ice to Lewis means cold, uncomfortable and something to haul his pulk over, but Antarctica is a remarkably beautiful place. There was a great BBC Radio 4 interview (on the forum programme) with iceberg ‘portrait’ artist Camille Seaman, and other ice experts, yesterday (December 28th), well worth a listen.  (Photo copyright Camille Seaman c/o BBC R4)


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