Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 28, 2013

Day twenty-six

theilsDistance travelled: 13.2 miles (Lewis on broken ski, arrived at Thiels to await replacement skis)

Hours on skis: 6.3

Cumulative distance travelled: 374 miles

Distance still to go: 327 miles

Temp: -25C

Wind: Gentle breeze

Of note: Fortunately the weather was just good enough, the plane landed and Lewis has got his new skis!   However the weather window was so minute that the plane landed, dumped the skis and took off again in minutes, so no chance for the boys to speak to any other humans. From today (Dec 28th) he will be on the new pair.  The next part of the expedition is crucial and perhaps the most difficult of the whole 700 mile journey, ANI manager Steve Jones “The next stage of the route is one of the more challenging sections. Soon after the Thiel Mountains they begin to gain height as they slowly ascend onto the higher polar plateau and in a little over one degree of latitude from around 87 South they will go through the area with the largest sastrugi and roughest snow surface on the route.”

Photo shows Thiels weather station


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