Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 27, 2013

Day twenty-five

Distance travelled: 18 miles (Lewis on broken ski)9_treaty_map_510

Hours on skis: 8.5
Cumulative distance travelled: 361 miles
Distance still to go: 341 miles

Altitude:  Approx 5,200ft


Wind: Fresh breeze

Of note: for the first time the boys have travelled further than they still have to go! On 27th December they will do the final miles to the landing site at Thiels and wait for new skis to be dropped off.   Of course the plane is not making a special journey for Lewis.  It would have to stop at Thiels anyway to pick up fuel on its journey between Union Glacier and the Amundsen-Scott base at the Pole. The Twin Otter is due to fly in on 27th but this looks unlikely due to poor weather. They will just have to wait it out for as long as it takes which will now be pretty frustrating.

Whilst they are pausing a little you may be interested to know who owns Antarctica, the only continent to have no indigenous human inhabitants. The continent is sliced up like a cake between 9 nations (see diagram), with others holding onto the right to make claims in the future. Only the UK section, where Carl and Lewis are right now, is disputed (between UK, Argentina and Chile). The Antarctic Treaty currently prevents any mining – which is fortunate since rocks almost certain to contain diamonds were discovered only a few weeks ago.



  1. Big congrats on making it to the half-way mark, Lewis! That is a huge achievement in itself. I am in a snowy Chicago where, although it’s cold, it’s nothing on what you are having to deal with. My 8 year-old son has been fascinated to follow the drama of the broken ski and we are both hoping you get the fresh pair very soon so you can continue your adventure. We wish you safe footing and light tailwinds for the rest of the journey. Regards, Phil Amor

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