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Day twenty-three and twenty-four

Day twenty-three and twenty-four

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas from Antarctica and a massive thank you to everyone sending messages and supporting the Prince’s Trust.  We passed all the messages on to Lewis today and some of them made him laugh or gave him a boost – thanks especially to Lewis’s geography teacher Steve Cook who reminded Lewis how cosy he was in front of his roaring fire in Scotland! and to school friend Tom Creed who donated £20 of money earnt on his paper round to the Prince’s Trust.

Photo shows Thiel mountains with Twin Otter (thanks to – Lewis and Carl have about 26 nautical miles to do over next 2 days to arrive at this landing site where they will, hopefully, pick up new skis on Dec 27th.

Distance travelled (24.12.13): 14 miles (Lewis on broken ski)

Distance travelled (25.12.13):  Day off, chocolate, books and sleep

Cumulative distance travelled: 342 miles

Distance still to go: 360 miles

Altitude: 1,560m (5,118ft)

Temp: -23C

Wind: Fresh breeze

Of note:  Lewis rang us this morning, in sight of Thiels, Christmas Day 2013.   He is approximately half way through his journey.  He sounded tired but in good spirits, stoical about the broken ski.  Although it is broken he has in fact still been able to continue ski-ing on it, and managed 14 miles yesterday.  This morning they are lying in the tent with the wind howling outside deciding whether to get some miles in or not depending on the weather.  Lewis might get in a bit of sleep or read his book on the Kennedy Assasination.  Carl and Lewis have been hauling non stop for 23 days, so the enforced break is not unwelcome.   They take the view that they only take breaks when the weather, or other issues, force them to rather than having scheduled days off as some expeditioners do.  New skis will be dropped on afternoon of 27th, all being well.   Lewis’s blisters have healed, his chaffing gone and his polar thigh continues to improve.   He has fashioned his Rab gilet into a miniskirt to try to keep the icey wind off his thighs.

Lewis will be opening 3 tiny presents (they had to be tiny to keep down the weight) – some chocolate which doubles as a mini game, some of his favourite ‘dolphin’ shaped sweets from Scumptiously Delicious Sweet shop on the Gloucester Road in Bristol and hot chocolate flavoured lip salve.



  1. Merry Christmas Lewis, we are all thinking of you on Christmas Day. Incredible achievement to go 14 miles on a broken ski when it’s -23c. Our son Austin (in year 7) is sponsoring you £20, our daughter Francesca £20 and we a further £20. We are all rooting for you. Perhaps you can break off to bat for England in Melbourne and Sydney? Your country needs you! Seriously, well done, keep going and very best of luck. With kindest regards, the Funnells

  2. Lewis/Steve,

    Very sorry to hear about your ski, another challenge that you’re clearly dealing with in the usual way. Wishing you some Christmas cheer and the very best for a record-breaking 2014.

    Simon and awe-inspired Rufus Thomas

  3. Hi Lewis, we’re thinking of you this Christmas Day and think you’re doing a fantastic job. Well done and keep going, we’re all very proud of you. From Mrs Taylor (Junior School)

  4. Excellent Lewis. Keep at it. You are a marvel! Well done

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