Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 23, 2013

Day twenty-one

FAQ_Lat_longDistance travelled: 18.9 miles (furthest in one day so far)

Time on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distance travelled: 311 miles

Distance still to go: 391 miles

Temp: -25 C (at Thiels)

Wind: Gentle breeze

Of note:  Carl and Lewis have now broken the 300 mile mark.  It is good to see distance travelled and distance still to go are both in the 300s.  ANI expedition and logisitics manager Steve Jones says ” They continue to do exceptionally well and have done 105 nautical miles (121 miles)  in the last week.”

I don’t think anyone expected Carl and Lewis to be going so fast, after all their aim is just to complete the journey, there is no speed element to their expedition.  Although Lewis trained in Norway and Greenland, he still very much the novice, but  he and Carl seem to be exceeding expectations – and for that credit must go to both of them.   The key now is for them to keep focussed.  After Thiels, which they should reach on Christmas Day all being well, they have a steep climb, it will get colder and windier as they head up to over 9,000ft.   Just as the going gets even tougher, their bodies will begin to get deeply tired and mistakes can creep in.  There is still a very long way to go and Antarctica is full of surprises.

All of their distances are measured in nautical miles and I convert them to ‘normal’ miles in the daily tally above.  Measuring their distance travelled in nautical miles does make sense though as there are 60 nautical miles in each degree of latitude.  They started out in latitude 79 and are now in latitude 85.   The South Pole is at Latitude 90.0000 degs South, Longitude zero.  The South Pole (and the North Pole for that matter) are on the same longitude as Greenwich (a borough in London, England).


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