Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 22, 2013

Day twenty

Day twenty

Distance travelled: 17.5 miles

Hours on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distanced travelled: 292 miles

Distance still to go: 410 miles

Temp: -28C (at Thiels)

Wind: Light breeze (at Thiels)

Of note: report to base camp – “Weather was nice, but sastrugi very bumpy. Passed info regarding ibuprofen on next resupply, and there may be people at Thiels when he gets there. Was in good spirits”.

Thiels is the mountain range that marks the half way point on Lewis and Carl’s journey -it is also halfway point for any twin otter flights going from Union Glacier to the Amundsen Scott base at the South Pole, so it is also a temporary aviation fuel depot (photo shows Twin Otter stopping for fuel with Thiel mts in background, thanks to ).  Lewis and Carl will be hoping to spot the green barrels by Boxing Day.  If there are also people from ANI at Thiels that may be strange for Lewis and Carl who have lived in their own little bubble for over 3 weeks. Although it may unsettle them a little to see other humans, on the whole they are likely to benefit from seeing some familiar faces and finding out what is going on elsewhere in Antarctica with the other expeditions.


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