Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 21, 2013

Day nineteen

Antarctica_Without_Ice_SheetDistance travelled today: 18.5 miles (equal best yet)

Hours on skis: 9 hrs

Cumulative distance travelled: 274 miles

Distance still to go: 428 miles

(nb I have adjusted total distance from 730 miles to 702 miles as 702 miles is what is recognised by ANI and ‘Adventure stats’ as the straightline distance, obviously the actual distance may be more as they divert for crevasses etc)

Temperature: -28 C (at Thiels)

Wind: Gentle breeze (at Thiels)

Of note: Lewis rang us on Thursday night (Dec 19th).  He was very chatty.  Lewis and Carl are pleased with their mileages to date.  Lewis’s ‘polar thigh’ continues to need nightly attention but is improving slowly.  He is now wearing 3 layers of ‘trousers’ which whilst preventing his polar thigh getting worse is leading to him sweating a lot, a problem in itself.  I am hoping he will cut up his expensive Rab gilet and fashion himself a miniskirt – wish I was there because boys are not great at sewing!

I never thought I would hear these words but Lewis said he is finding it hard to eat as much as he needs.  He is meant to take in 5-6,000 calories each day, which I understand is about as much as the body can take.  He is expending 2-3,000 calories more than this each day.  Glad he put on 3 stone before he left.

Having picked up their cache their pulks are now heavy again, and this has come as a bit of a shock to their systems.

Lewis talked a lot about being in rhythm, he said they were being systematic about everything.

If they keep going at this rate they might even get to the fantastic half way point on Christmas day!  What a treat that would be.

See where they are map below (with thanks to Jon Bradshaw, First Irish team to South Pole):



  1. Carl is very good at sewing along with his Grandma he has made all his storage bags.

    • I stand corrected! That was a bit sexist I admit. But I bet Carl has never made a miniskirt? (or going by Lewis’s dad’s recent outfit, maybe he has??????)

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