Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 20, 2013

Day eighteen

Day eighteen

Lewis’s dad Steven also went above and beyond today at the ICON Christmas party – dressing up as a tudor lady – all in support of the Prince’s Trust! Thank you to everyone at ICON (fantastic Bristol independent TV production company where Lewis’s dad works).  The ICON staff were incredibly generous raising £169.30 for the Prince’s Trust.

Back in Antarctica …

Distance travelled: 17.4 miles
Hours in ice: 9 hrs
Cumulative distance travelled: 265 miles
Distance still to go: 466 miles

Lewis and Carl have also enjoyed their first fresh food for 18 days.  ANI kindly put a chicken and beef curry and white chocolate brownies in their cache.  We spoke to Lewis last night, his real meal seemed to have given him a real boost.  More of his news in tomorrow’s blog.



  1. Lewis thought you had it tough!!! Try Tesco’s freezer aisle at this time of year!!!! All to the joyous sounds of ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ insanity….. Ended up walking out with a set of fairy lights and some cloves!!! Food is so over rated! Think you might be on to something with this extreme Christmas get away plan…. Sounds like you are doing great and if Christmas at home is calling, just remember your father has taken to wearing frocks!!!! Thinking of you QEH Junior School .are all very proud of you. xxx

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