Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 17, 2013

Day fifteen

Distance travelled today:  17.4 milessastrugi

Distance still to go: 515 miles

Cumulative distance travelled: 207 miles

Hours skiing: 9 hrs

Temp: not known

Wind:  not known

Terrrain:  Sastrugi

Of note: another cracking day in terms of distance but it was only a matter of time before the dreaded Sastrugi arrived.  These are evil kind of narrow ‘sand dunes’, hard as rock, sculpted by the Antarctic winds and hated by all polar expeditions since time began.  The photo (not of Lewis and Carl but of another expeditioner, shows how awkward they are, and they can go on for mile upon mile upon mile.  Thanks to Aloha expedition for photo).

Lewis has also now skied over 200 miles, which is, I believe, already a record of sorts,  twice as far as anyone so young has ever achieved.  It’s gotta be hurting, we should find out how he and Carl are soon as hopefully he will find time to ring us before too long.

Apologies for no longer knowing the temperature or wind speed – they are now so far from weather observation posts my previous met reports sources are no longer valid.  I will take some advice on where to get this information as I am sure it is out there somewhere. What we do know is that as each day goes by they climb higher and higher onto the 10,000 ft Antarctic plateau (currently approx. 2,000ft) and as they head further into the interior it will become ever colder.



  1. Amazing stamina and strength Lewis! Many people think 17 miles in a day’s walk in the UK is an achievement and no UK terrain is quite like the scary looking snow sculptures in the pic. I’m guessing you don’t have too much time to admire the views when you’ve got to watch your footing. Is the altitude increase gradual? Keep safe, Lewis – we’re keeping an eye on your blog -hope you have another cracking day tomorrow.

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