Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 16, 2013

Day fourteen

IMG_1421Distance travelled today:  18.5 miles (best yet)

Distance still to go: 532 miles

Cumulative distance travelled: 190 miles

Hours skiing:  9 hrs

Temp: -12 C

Wind: Light winds

Of note:  Carl  and Lewis are gradually ramping up the hours, 9 hours today but well worth it for 18.5 miles on the clock.  From other expedition blogs it seems the recent ‘whiteouts’ have been from snow falling, which is not as common as you would think as Antarctica is a desert with an annual average snow fall of between 2 to 6.5 inches.  On ‘whiteout’ days with no horizon, no views and perhaps not even Carl’s bottom in front of him Lewis will have had to go into his own mind and think a lot, perhaps about … penguins …

You can’t go to Antarctica and not think of  penguins – unfortunately Lewis is unlikely to see any because although he set off from the ‘coast’ the coast he set off from is currently a frozen sea and not appealing to the 7 species of Antarctic Penguins.  There are over 30 million penguins in Antarctica in total!  Or make that 30 million and one.

Picture (taken pre departure) is of Lewis with  ‘Stanley’ – a lovely Penguin Lewis auctioned to help raise funds for the expedition.  Stanley is currently stuffed into a ziplock bag in Lewis’s pulk and will travel every single mile of his journey, have his photo taken at the Pole (if all goes well over the next 5 weeks) and return to the UK to live with his owner Will Stanley, year 6,  from QEH school. 

And finally, another bag of Bombay Mix (he treats himself to a bag every Sunday) will have been savoured by Lewis today, if Stanley didn’t get to it first that is.




  1. Go Lewis! The support crew for 3 Below Zero (Chris & Marty Fagan) are pulling for you! Stay strong and push on 🙂

    • On behalf of Lewis thank you and I will pass on the message. Although the different expeditions are all in different parts of Antarctica and with different aims I feel there is great camaraderie between them, after all only they really know how awful it is! BW, Mum back home.

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