Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 15, 2013

Day thirteen

Distance travelled today:  9.3 miles

Distance still to go: 551.3  miles

Cumulative distance travelled: 171 miles

Hours skiing: 5 hours

Temp: -15 deg C

Weather: Report to base camp “Crappy day.  Whiteout.  Had to stop at 14.00”whiteout

Of note:  Until now Carl and Lewis have had mostly sunny days where they can see the slope and terrain beneath their skis due to the contrast provided by the sun.  Today they had their first whiteout and clearly didn’t like it much.  Sometimes whiteouts mean snow storms but in Antarctica simply a lack of sun can lead to a whiteout because the snowy landscape and white sky merge into one and you can’t see the horizon.   As well as being disorienting seeing nothing but whiteness for hour upon hour,  the risk with whiteouts is that Carl and Lewis will lose one another.  It is not clear  what type of whiteout it was today or why they decided to stop  but clearly conditions were really poor because they had wanted to press on.  They will be disappointed but at the same time glad to have few more hours in the tent to sleep, melt ice, eat, mend kit and tend to feet and face.



  1. We’ve just started following your progress after receiving excellent QEH newsletter. Sounds like a tough day today. Keep going, you’re efforts are truly inspirational. Mark, Corinne, Austin (year 7) and Francesca

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