Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 13, 2013

Day eleven

Day eleven

There are good days in Antarctica and bad days. With 17 miles under their belt in a single day today, this was one of good ones.  Report to base camp “Lewis doing very well.”

The photo (thanks to Jon Bradshaw) shows some of the remarkable scenery Lewis would have been amongst a few days earlier (Patriot Hills taken from Twin Otter that drops expeditioners at their start points)

Position on Google Maps:



  1. Lewis, keep on skiing fella! It sounds like you are doing so well. Hope the cough is clearing up. You may already know this, but we had a QEH Juniors talent show in the theatre this week and collected over £400 for the Prince’s Trust after telling the audience about your amazing expedition. Hope that helps to spur you on. We’re all very proud of you in the Junior School.
    All the very best Lewis.
    Mr Hall

    • Have a nice time out there on the ice, we say hallo from Norway and Haugastøl. 🙂

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