Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 10, 2013

Day eight

Distance travelled: 7.3 miles

Time on skis: 3.5 hrs

Distance still to go: 633 miles

Weather: 40 knot gusts (= 46mph = Gale force winds)windperson

Of note: the wind was so great that Lewis and Carl camped after 3.5 hours. In a different part of Antartica a lovely American couple called Chris and Marty are undertaking their own expedition, this is what they had to say about the wind today:  “Oh, really, it was all about wind today and let me tell you about that wind. So it’s the kind of wind that shakes the tent was such fury it will keep you hiding in bed and not wanting to go out and do it. And It’s the kind of wind you want to turn your back on. But you can’t. You have to just keep going right into it. And it’s the kind of wind you want to yell at and say stop! Enough already! But it won’t hear you And its the kind of wind that sculptures the land that we were crossing today, like and artist gone wild. But, after today, we know , why Antarctica is known as the windiest place on earth. So, quite a day.” (with thanks to Chris for an evocative description of what they must all be facing right now).

Vesa (a Finn doing the same route as Lewis and Carl but solo), put it less poetically, but summed up the dire misery that Antarctic travel can sometimes bestow on its visitors.  Walking from coast to Pole there is a permanent headwind: “Start of the day was hard: Headwind strong and soft snow. Eventually this led to situation where I threw my ski poles around, cursed heavily and kicked my sledge.  After calming down I cursed my birth, this trip and continued skiing deeply depressed. I was 100% sure this will not ever work.”



  1. Hope the wind dies down and you clock up the miles. Keep safe love dad and Sharron x

  2. Lewis sat with year 6 reading your blog and hoping that the wind dies down. Will Stanley says how is the penguin? All sending you lots of love and luck xxxxxx

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