Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 9, 2013

Day seven

Distance travelled today:  14.9 miles

Distance still to go: 640 miles

Hours skiing: 8.5hrs

Temp: -9 deg C (unbelievably warm)

Wind:  Very strong winds in the morning – Beaufort scale 6, strong winds

Terrrain:  Report sent to basecamp  “Lewis doing well, had a lie in.  Wind calmed at 13.00”

Of note: Today, having completed his first week on the ice, Lewis will have opened his first bag of celebratory Bombay Mix!  He has taken 6 big bags of his favourite snack, one a week.  Before Lewis left the UK we asked him what he thought he would find hardest and he said the food.  He loves his food, especially cucumbers, melons, satsumas, carrots, crisps, they will be sorely missed.   As part of his preparation Lewis put on 3 stone in weight, he said after just 5 days on the ice he had already lost weight.  He is in permanent deficit of about 2-3,000 calories a day due to the cold and extreme exertion.  By the last  week of the expedition he will be permanently hungry, but for now he has plenty to eat and plenty of fat stores.BM



  1. Looks like you are making cracking progress, Lewis. We’re following you with much interest, keep up the amazing and inspirational work.
    Simon Thomas and Guy Atherton.

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