Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 8, 2013

Day six

windchillDistance travelled today:  15.1 miles (24km)

Distance still to go: 655 miles

Hours skiing: 8.5hrs

Temp: -12 deg C

Wind:  Strong breeze

Terrrain:  Report sent to basecamp  “Windy, snow conditions firmer and better so travelling faster”

Of note: Gale force winds forecast for early next week.  Also unseasonably “warm” in coastal Antarctica between -9 to -18 deg C at present.  Next week 14m/s winds are forecast which with a temp of -14C would give an effective temp of around -40C which is clearly extremely cold with a high risk of frostbite.  Lewis and Carl will need to be very careful not to expose any skin at any time.  They each have up to four layers of gloves to protect their hands.  Their feet are in 2-3 layers of merino and sheep wool socks, then special ‘intuition’ foam liners, then boots.  They have a combination of things to cover their faces and heads including ski goggles with neoprene ‘beaks’ to protect the nose, balaclavas, snoods, fur edged coat hoods which creates a ‘microclimate’ around the face and good old fashioned woollen hats.


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