Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 6, 2013

Day four and five

DAY FOUR (5.12.13)

Day 6

Day 6

Distance travelled today:  11 miles

Height made: 250m (820ft)

Distance still to go: 683 miles

Hours skiing: 8hrs

Temp: -12 deg C

Terrrain:  continued hard ski-ing up hill moving away from coast

DAY FIVE (6.12.13) Spoke to Lewis tonight (6.12.13) from Antarctica! – he has a cough and cold which he said made a difficult day even harder, also has heel blisters, but says they are strapped and improving.  Despite this he was in good humour, keen to hear about the family’s new kitten and very pleased to have still managed most miles so far in a single day:

Distance travelled today: 21km (13.2 miles)

Hours skiing: 8 hrs

Distance still to go: 670 miles

Of note: 50 mph winds forecast for tomorrow.   We informed Lewis and Carl about the death of Nelson Mandela.

Q: “What is the best part of your day?”  A: “I really enjoy being in the tent at night!”

Q: “Are your ipod and music working out?”  A: “Yes all working well” (an initial hitch with a shuffle meant that he could listen to audio books but all the chapters were in a random order.  His shuffle has now come under his control and the narrative is linear).

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  1. Thinking of you Lewis lots of love Mrs Russell xxxxxx

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