Posted by: ezraezra7 | December 4, 2013

Day Two

Distance travelled today:  20km (12.5miles)

Distance still to go: 707 miles

Hours skiing: 8

Temp: -10 to -14

Wind:  Breezy (definitely need balaclavas and to be vigilant of frost bite)

Terrrain:  continued hard ski-ing up hill moving away from coast for another 20 miles or so, then should flatten out a bit

Of note: another expeditioner attempting the journey on a bike had an encounter with a crevasse but is fine and continuing his attempt.  Lewis and Carl bumped into expeditioner Richard Parks who is attempting world speed record for ski-ing from coast to pole.  Richard had been waiting for weeks for better weather and put in 3 days hard ski-ing but because of the heavy going snow had not made progress fast enough so was returning to the start at Hercules Inlet to begin again!  I thinkHercules inlet Richard is attempting to do the 730 miles in less than 23 days.  Best of luck to him for his next attempt.

Thank you to ANI (and others) for photos.  Lewis and Carl are taking video (with thanks to Films @ 59) and photos but these will not be available till their return)

Right Pirritt Hills, Hercules Inlet


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