Posted by: ezraezra7 | November 22, 2013

Flight delayed due to bad weather


Photo shows Lewis packing food for his expedition in a big shed in Punta Arenas.

Lewis and Carl’s flight from Punta Arenas, Chile to Union Glacier, Antarctica has been delayed as bad weather over past few weeks has put the flight schedule behind. This is not unusual.  He was due to fly to Antarctica tomorrow but this is now likely to be early next week.  More time for sleep, warmth and eating …. although there do seem to be an awful lot of what look like Chilean Pringles and Custard creams on that table?!   I wonder what Kate Percy, author of the brilliant ‘Go Faster Food for Kids’ and Lewis’s nutritional advisor, would have to say about that?

Once they do get going, Lewis and Carl (plus other expedition teams and tonnes of cargo) will be flying in this impressive Russian Ilyusin  and landing on an ice runway.ilyushin



  1. Oh, are those tubes of Pringles! Well, I suppose they don’t weigh much … but won’t they take up a lot of space? I see plenty of butter, nuts, and heaps of my favourite chocolate – Ritter Sport! Hope you’ve got some nutrient dense and sustaining foods hidden away there too… I knew the flights were delayed as I’ve been following the Antarctic Ice Marathon so I hope they start again soon and good luck, Lewis. Enjoy the warmth while you can! Kate

  2. He Lewis – looking good. Nice to see you are in eminent company with Borge Ouslands supplies behind you, no doubt he eats dried Reindeer Hearts. I am just working out how I track you on Google Earth, then will link to your site.


  3. For those of you who want to experience something of Lewis’s flight in you might enjoy this video:
    Good luck, Lewis. Just keep your zips zipped up!

    • Many thanks, great video!

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