Posted by: ezraezra7 | October 28, 2013

Thank you Brock, Bjorn and Helga!

Me and mum (aka kit master) travelled to Oslo a few weekends ago to pick up the single most important bit of South Pole kit – my £500, only made by one man in Norway, polar boots.  Pretty cool they are too.  Saw Prince Harry has the same boots.  Well everyone has the same boots to be fair. They were expertly fitted by Bjorn and Helga from Toft Terreng in Sandvika (used to be Sportsnett).   But going to Oslo was the easy part.

Where do you find a man who can mould the liners ready for a 700 mile polar journey?   The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is Filton in Bristol.  We asked around and then discovered Brock Kennedy, a Canadian who works at Snow and Rock in Filton and who knows a thing or two about fitting boots.  He was great and they fit like a glove. Thanks Brock!


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