Posted by: ezraezra7 | October 15, 2013

New sponsors!

A HUGE MASSIVE thanks to Dan Snow for a great evening enjoyed by all!    Thanks to to QEH, my school, too for being such great hosts at the QEH Theatre and to everyone for coming and packing the place out and supporting me!

As a result of our evening we have a lovely new sponsor on board, they have sponsored my skis (a rather essential and expensive little bit of kit).  Watch this space and we will let you know who they are soon!  (hint think bones and children).

PS A slightly strange article appeared in the Evening Post about my trip this week – with a photo of ‘me’ that was actually one of the young Greenlanders (the one in Green on the right)  I met during training.  Don’t be fooled, I have not been training so much that I have become Greenlandish!  (I am in fact the exhausted looking one in the pictures on the right in shades and yellow  and orange trousers).


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